Pornhub and xHamster are using viewer data and charitable stunts to move out of the margins

The porn site xHamster is in the midst of a PR onslaught. In the past several months, the company protested an anti-trans bathroom bill by interrupting access to its site in North Carolina, restricted rape-related searches in response to the Brock Turner rape case, and sent pizzas to the Dallas Police Department following the murder of several officers. When the Cincinnati Zoo killed the now meme-famous gorilla Harambe after a child fell into its enclosure, the company offered to pay for the relocation costs of the remaining animals. Walmart controversially fired a greeter with cerebral palsy and xHamster offered him a job. The overturned conviction for “Making a Murderer’s” Brendan Dassey led the company to extend a $10,000 porn contract, and a free ticket to Wrestlemania, to the 26-year-old.


Google punishes sites with pop-up adverts

Google is to penalise websites that feature intrusive pop-up adverts.

It is updating the algorithms used to rank its search results so that offending pages are more likely to get lower placings.

The change is due to come into effect on 10 January.

Google makes much of its money from placing ads on the mobile web. One expert said the company wanted to give users one less reason to use ad-blockers or search within apps instead.

For its part, Google said the move should make using some of its results less frustrating.

“Pages that show intrusive interstitials [elements that cover the content] provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible,” it blogged.


Jeremy Corbyn admits there WERE seats on ‘ram-packed’ train

I am a fan of Jeremy Corbyn but I am disappointed at his silly Virgin stunt [LINK].

I have been on Virgin trains and found the experience enjoyable.

Trains are expensive in the UK, BUT I presume this is not greed but because train firms are charged silly licence fees of a Billion or so pounds, which clearly is passed on to the user.

Woman sacked for appearing in porn gets payout from NHS

A woman who appeared in a series of porn films has been has been given a payout by her former bosses at the NHS.

Kathleen Molloy, who uses the name Dylan Devere, was found to have been unfairly dismissed after her alternative line of work was discovered.

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust has been ordered to pay compensation of £2,000.


Windows 10 update stops webcams working

A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.

The update, released earlier this month, stops many cameras being used for Skype or to broadcast and stream footage.

The cause seems to be a change in the way Windows 10 handles video so it can be used by more than one program at a time.

Microsoft said it was working on a fix but has not given any date for when the patch will be available.


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During its first two years in business (2012-2014), Dublin-based MG Billing Ireland Ltd. generated nearly $400 million in revenue as a third-party biller for a single company’s adult website

Ever wondered how much money churns through the adult internet annually? Here’s an indicator: During its first two years in business (2012-2014), Dublin-based MG Billing Ireland Ltd. generated nearly $400 million in revenue as a third-party biller for a single company’s adult websites.

That company is MindGeek, a global giant with subsidiaries including the studios Digital Playground, Reality Kings, Brazzers and Twistys; tube sites RedTube, Xtube, PornHub and YouPorn; and broadcast operations Playboy TV, Playboy Plus and Spice. Together, MindGeek’s online properties garner an estimated 1.7 billion page views per month; four of the company’s tube sites consistently rank among the top 20 online properties in traffic-generation, according to SimilarWeb.


The VR3000 affiliate program is now open for business

ANY affiliate that signs up for VRBallers will get the VR player for FREE.


Don’t panic! There’s very little evidence that porn harms health

Easy access to porn is “damaging” men’s health, says NHS therapist’, read an article on the front page of the BBC News website this week, the latest in a long line of worrying media stories about the damaging effect porn is having on young people’s lives.

What was the basis for this claim? The first indication that the article was less than reliable came in the fourth line: ‘There are no official figures, but…’ This is normally the point at which one would stop writing a supposedly factual article and write something else instead. But the BBC ploughed on, explaining that a ‘top psychosexual therapist’ has sounded the alarm that young men are increasingly suffering from erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems caused by watching, and often becoming addicted to, internet pornography.


Brazzers instagram account hacked

It would seem that Brazzers instagram account has been hacked: