Does having a .xxx affect google ranking?

Is it worth not getting a .com and getting a .xxx or any other domain ending?

I had a look in google for porn.

The result was over 10 pages on google searches was only 2 .xxx domain names.

The reason I ask is that I notice a new new site by a model has been live a month (its a .xxx) or so, and out of interest I did a google search on the domain name (but without the .xxx on the end). Her twitter and social media sites came up. But after 4 pages on google I gave up looking.

I have found the same for a few .xxx porn sites.

It makes me wonder why anyone would get a .xxx these days.

I see no advantages but many many disadvantages.

Shove your UK Erotic Event of the Year up your ass

As many of you know we cover many UK Erotic events and have done for many years (when we can get to them).

This year like last year we thought we would cover one in Manchester (starting Friday 19 August 2016).

Last year we were sent a lovely email with all the details telling us how welcome they were to have us cover the show.

So we were rather shocked to get told no, but that we could pay to take pics of some of the models going. They were kind enough to send us a link to a list of models and costs. They were kind enough to expect US to not ONLY pay for the ticket to the event, but also from looking at the link they sent £30 or so per model.

Shove it up your ass.

I will not name this event as I do not want to give them any publicity.

I know some models who were going, but because we are not now going, they no longer want to go.

Also shove your awards up your ass too as I we at will not recognize them as an award.

Just to make it clear, because you want US to pay you to promote your event (we should be charging you), you have lost out on some models going as well as customers.

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Why using logic can be a great marketing blunder

The logic for many adult paysite owners has been to give nude pics away free. This will result in huge traffic. In turn huge sales, was the belief.

The result is the consumer realized there was a ton of free content and would go on sites simply looking for it. The result was often benefited were the sites that hosted the free content rather than the pay site that had invested time and money in the content.

Many years ago one I had done my degree for a few years I did door to door sales. Something I would urge anyone who is selling anything to do, as you can teach yourself so much from doing so.

The best product/service I sold was a UK system called OnDigital.

For those who do not know about it, it was the early days when they started to broadcast digital TV. From what I remeber it was about £10 per month.

But what was interesting, was the owners of OnDigital used there logic to presume various facts on the selling of the system. Something that led (in my mind) to the end of OnDigital. Yet it should now be huge.

This is my point about using logic rather than say research to do marketing.

Now the first things to note are what were the selling points:

  • This was when wide screen TV’s came about. But on normal non digital TV to get the wide view you had to change the aspect ratio or stretch the image out (it looked dreadful). While with OnDigital set boxes you got the full image. [Anytime someone had a wide screen TV I knew I had a sale].
  • Channel 5 had just started. But for many areas you could ONLY get it on digital.
  • Lots more stations. And it was ONLY £10.
  • The box we gave away (the set top box was free with us) could also plug direct into the TV socket (old TV’s have no scart socket).
  • It had some (not all) Sky TV stations.

But there were downsides:

  • The signal strength of digital TV at the time was low. So if your TV areal was not facing the correct position you would not get a digital signal. So often when I plugged the box in it did not work.
  • The set top boxes had been made so quick, some had faults.
  • You could buy pirated cards on the internet and so rather than pay for more stations, you could get them free.
  • Lack of Sky stations on the system. Some people wanted more.
  • We credit checked. [BOOM]

You will note that we credit checked. This was probably (in my mind) the marketing aspect that messed OnDigital up.

You see at the training I was in the first group. As such the top brass came down one day to see how the training was going. I asked a question.

Why credit check?

The reply was ‘but surly you want to know the customer can pay’. However at the time Sky did not credit check (I am not sure if they do now). The point was it was ONLY £10.

When I did the selling I often found people who were wealthy failed the credit check. For instance one chap ran his own business. He had two Ferraris (I think I spelt the car name wrong) parked outside. But because of a destitute with a company his credit rating was shot. He then simply picked up the phone and got Sky.

It was embarrassing to have to ask strangers lots of personal details too. And the staff who you called were to be honest a bunch of w*nkers. Plus we used to have to use the customers phone as mobile phones were in those days not cheap to spend all day phoning (the w*nkers at the OnDigital office could jerk you around for 40 mins – costing you a fortune and killing your mobile phone battery). Nothing was worse than getting the sale then having to turn it down because they failed the credit check – it was an hour wasted, and it was ONLY for £10.

But in the minds of OnDigital a credit check was a good idea.

In reality it meant they lost many customers, and wasted our time.

While I would often make £300 or more each day in commission, for working no more than 2 hours a day (I would go at 5pm and sell till 7pm as thats when people had got home from work), I would often be annoyed that I could have easily hit £1000 or more each day if I had not needed to credit check people. In deed OnDigital would now have had more customers I believe than Sky.

One reason I got more sales than others was I would install the box as a demonstration. It meant I could show them the box working, plus once in people wanted to sit and watch. Others used to sell without installing. This was quicker and in a day they got more sales BUT they would get many cancelling as they could not get a signal. While even if I did not get a signal I would arrange our Arial chap to install a new arial (we provided a pro digital arial for next to nothing).


I have time and time again noted that often businesses presume a lot in marketing without knowing if the logic matches up to reality.

Why VR will not work for porn – but also it will

VR porn will both work and will not work.

This may sound rather odd thing to say, but I will explain.

First why it will not work.

VR porn will not work if its filmed, as in someone films a girl stripping on a VR camera.

Well the reason why this will fail is because the VR already is about being interactive.

While for a sort time it may gain interest, the fact that at most you will just have the option to move your head will limit the VR experience.

With computer games people will have the ability to move around, under, over an object as well as move it.

They will then see a VR porn film rather dull.

It is unlikely they will want to see the floor or want to look at a wall when all the action will be in front of them.

The file sizes will probably be huge too.


VR porn will work if its software based.

You will then have the ability to interact with the model. Move her, have sex with her and so on.

It would give unlimited possibility’s and options. As AI improves it may even mean you can chat to her and have a conversation.

It also allows people to go further and have sex with such as an alien babe (as you see in Star Wars). Or change the look of the model (big boobs, small boobs).

The file sizes would I suspect be small than those with films.

It may even be possible that you have VR sex with real people. The next level of web cam models could be models who have (as you see in films) sensors on there bodies to track them, while the data it transferred to a VR version where it turns people can have sex with her. But not only that people can choose to watch them both in VR world, or watch from the viewpoint of the person paying (so they have a VR experience on a smaller level), or just watch the model live on webcam.

RedTube launches a porn mag

Last year, Playboy Magazine announced that it would stop printing fully-nude pictures because, hey, the internet exists. But, one of the outfits that caused Playboy to abandon such imagery is now launching a competing publication in the real world. RedTube Magazine has been described by its founders as a “men’s general lifestyle monthly with a photo-heavy emphasis on explicit sexual content.” The company also explains that the new venture will serve as a bridge between the jazz magazines of the 20th century and whatever the hell you can get on Google if you disable SafeSearch.